RMK Investment round now open for international investors


As of today, RMK Vehicle Corporation has opened the investment round for international investors.

We will begin manufacturing our first model, the E2, in small scale during 2019 and first customer deliveries will happen in 2020. Our goal is to grow rapidly and achieve 100 million euro in revenue
in 2025, with at least 4000 motorcycles sold annually.

Green technology in motorcycles is here to stay and our technology is designed to perfectly fit the leading megatrend in transportation; electrification. Our proprietary integrated rim motor radically decreases the amount of parts in our powertrain. This provides us with a competitive advantage in manufacturing and creates a unique riding experience with ultra precise control and performance available at any speed.



Our First Model: The E2

The base version will be capable of an impressive 50kW power and 320Nm of torque. Regenerative braking can be configured to suit different riding styles, eliminating the need for a traditional disc brake at the rear wheel.

E2 battery capacity will be one of the largest available in the motorcycle market, allowing for a real-world range of 200-300km. DC fast charging will provide 80% charge in less than one hour. Using the onboard charger (Type 2) will take 2-3 hours to reach 80%.

We sell our motorcycles directly to the customer through our website. Customers will be able to configure colours and other cosmetic and technical options before making the final order. After that, the user will be able to customise the screen interface and even upgrade their E2 performance through over-the-air updates.

2019-02-01 16.37.28 DSC00949.jpg

RMK in media

E2 and its outlandish motor construction has gathered considerable attention in media across the globe.

Different media and news outlets in all notable market areas around the world have recognized the innovativeness of RMK and the E2. In addition to this, a few big manufacturers in the business have made their interest towards our business clear.

At the moment, about 50 pre-orders around the world have been placed on the E2. This is an impressive number especially considering that we have had practically zero marketing budget so far, and no proper test rides have been arranged for potential customers or influencers.


We are seeking for investors and partners to help us bring the E2 into production.

Interested parties can contact tuomo.lehtimaki@rmkvehicles.com for more information.

Miro Virta