We took the E2 out on the streets of Helsinki to get a real feel for the road. The city of Helsinki has a blend of urban, city locations, picturesque coastlines and winding, green, country roads, all within the city limits. Each time we went out the weather was perfect, which allowed us to get some stunning day-time and night-time footage. We made the most of our time in the city making sure we filled up all of our memory cards, so expect to see these shots on our social pages soon. We were able to feedback a lot of information to our technical and design teams, further fine tuning the bike in line with our production schedule.


SA1NT CC is a clothing company designed for riders, by riders. They share our passion for motorbikes, but are tired of compromising looks for safety, or safety for fashion. SA1NT apparel delivers great freedom and form, with the world’s first single layer protection. With no bulky layers or liners, Sa1nt provide the very best in strength and impact abrasion resistant denim, while maintaining a classic style. The RMK - SA1NT CC partnership will offer our customers and followers access to high quality clothing and an even better riding experience. You can shop their clothing lines for women and men at - SA1NT CC webshop. SA1NT CC’s instagram is full of eye catching content which you can see here.

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Media coverage has been steadily increasing in the last month. The RMK brand has been highlighted across European nations and also in countries like USA, India, Taiwan and Russia. Two highlights from all of these great articles are the RMK feature in a Digital Trends live video and Electrek’s article. We are always grateful of the media taking interest in RMK and we look forward to working with them on future projects.

There are many things that are coming soon for our followers to be excited about. RMK will be visiting locations around Europe where you will be able to meet the E2 and RMK staff in person. Specific details will be released soon so keep up to date on our social media pages.  Another exciting announcement is that RMK will be visiting the English countryside to partner with the BBC for a tv production. We can’t say too much about this but as a company, we are privalliged to be attracting attention from established media outlets such as the BBC.

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Remember that you can pre-order your very own E2 motorcycle from our website with a down payment of €2000. We are receiving more orders as our bike gains more global exposure so be sure to get your name on our pre-order list by following the link. RMK is increasing it’s social media activity with some eye-catching content. You can find us on twitter, instagram, linkedin, facebook and vimeo.

Spencer Cutlan